What is our approach?

We build long-term relationships with our clients. The best way for us to meet your financial needs is by getting to know you and developing a lasting connection with you.

How do we
do this?

We engage in a planning process with you, rather than a series of transactions. We sit down with you. And then we sit down with you again. And so on. We meet regularly to review where things stand and ensure your plan is keeping pace with your reality.

What keeps you
up at night?

Whatever the specifics are, they will keep us up too, until we’re certain that we’ve laid a proper foundation for your financial security and prosperity.

Over the years

We’ve figured out what works and doesn’t work. It’s why our advisory services are highly personalized. We won’t sell you policies or products and then say farewell. At Atlantic Wealth Management, we provide our independent, private and confidential advisory services in a boutique environment.